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Motorola SL300

MOTOROLA SL300 provides reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile, everyday user in an ultra-slim and rugged profile.Measuring under an inch thick, the SL300 is ultra-portable. A stubby antenna, curved edges and rugged frame make the SL300 the perfect work partner. It can be easily carried in pockets and purses without snagging or bulging.The SL300 is outfitted with the latest technology for performance and ease of use. The shatterproof Active View display uses a matrix of LEDs behind the radio housing to communicate radio information and shuts off when not in use to conserve battery life. The SL300 features Range Max technology: an advanced radio design and patented antenna which delivers enhanced range while maintaining a slim profile and long battery life.


PMLN7074 Battery Door Cover

PMNN4468 B100x 2300T Li-Ion Battery


RLN6242 Quick Disconnect Acoustic Tube Replacement

PMLN7189 Adjustable D-Style Earpiece w/ In-Line PTT/Mic, Black.

PMLN7156 Mag One Earbud with in-line push to talk

PMLN7158 1-Wire Surveillance Kit with Translucent Tube, Black.

PMLN7157 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with Translucent Tube, Black


PMLN7101 Standard Multi-Unit Charger

PMLN7109 Standard Single-Unit Charger


PMAD4146 VHF STUBBY ANT (156-174MHz) 5cm

PMAD4145 VHF STUBBY ANT (144-156MHz) 5cm

PMAE4093 UHF STUBBY ANT (403-425MHz) 4.5cm

PMAD4144 VHF STUBBY ANT (136-144MHz) 5cm

PMAE4094 UHF STUBBY ANT (420-445MHz) 4.5cm

PMAE4095 UHF STUBBY ANT (435-470MHz) 4.5cm

Carrying Cases

PMLN6074 Nylon wrist strap for the SL300

PMLN7190 Swivel Carry Holster

PMLN7128 Heavy-duty belt clip for the SL300

PMLN7076 Flexible Hand Strap