Impact AC/DC-6 Six Bank XTS Battery Charger | Call (877) 632-9297 for a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED QUOTE today!

Impact AC/DC-6 Six Bank XTS Battery Charger




Impact AC/DC-6 Six Bank Universal Rapid Charger for 120/240V Fixed and 12V DC Mobile Applications for XTS, MTS, PR1500 Type Batteries

Charge six different batteries with or without radio attached. Space saving design with dual power source allows you to charge your radios anywhere.

Now when the power goes out, take it out to your vehicle and keep on charging. Optional vehicle kit makes it a great solution for command vehicles and fire apparatus.

Price includes 6 charger cups of choice and both AC and DC power cords.

Compatible with HT1000, MTX838, MTX1000, JT1000, MT1500, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX9000, MTX8000, XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, PR1500, XTS1500, XTS2500

Will charge Motorola IMPRES batteries but will not record cycles or recondition

Includes (6) pockets - contact us if you prefer pockets for different radio types. Available for most radio manufacturers