Motorola WPLN4079BR BMS Battery Maintenance System Plus | Call (877) 632-9297 for a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED QUOTE today!

Motorola WPLN4079BR BMS Battery Maintenance System Plus

$650.00 $579.95



Motorola WPLN4079BR 110V AC BMS PLUS Six Station Battery Maintenance System

Increase the useful life of your batteries. Using interchangeable battery adapters (sold separately), the BMS PLUS is capable of charging and discharging, analyzing, conditioning, and cycle testing batteries. The WPLN4079BR supports NiCD, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries so the WPPN4085 upgrade kit is not needed.

It supports NiCd, NiMH, and Li-ion battery chemistries (Li-ion on 6 station models only) and tracks battery voltage and capacity (mAh). Its easy-to-use design supports hundreds of 2-way, cellular, and camcorder batteries.

The BMS PLUS offers a 3-year warranty and includes serial printer port (RS-232).

Compatible with the STAR Micronics SP200 series printers, and other printers with STAR emulation.

Order BMS adapters separately. Contact us if you have a battery not listed.

3 year warranty